Lies I’ve Told: Part Two

Hey Guys and Gals! Welcome to the second installment of Lies I’ve Told, where I recount all the scams and schemes I (almost) got away with over the years. Names and places have been changed to protect the innocent. Before we begin, I have to preface this tale by letting all of you know that […]

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Welcome to a new feature on WithConsideration, Movie (Re)Views! Here, I (Caitlin) will review movies that I have DEFINITELY seen and have an expert opinion on! And you can’t prove that I haven’t! Well, you could probably substantiate it one way or another, but that would take time and we’re all gonna die in a nuclear […]

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Lies I’ve Told: Part One

Welcome to With Consideration’s Lies I’ve Told! Where I reminisce on the good times… and the lies and schemes that came with them. Names and places have been changed to protect the innocent (or sometimes guilty) but everything else is 100% true cross my heart and hope to die. Alright friends, close your eyes and […]

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FAQ’s that no one asked

Q: So where are the old posts? We’re currently working on the archive (there was a LOT). We switched hosting services because the old one got on my nerves. Q: Can I submit an article/meme/playlist/question? Yeah, if you’re funny. We got a link, look up. Q: Okay but it was originally for women, right? Yeah […]

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Welcome back.

Hey, it’s been a while. Back in 2015, I started the website WithConsideration with the motto “smart funny stuff by smart funny women” as a way to combat the growing number of online publications that serve as platforms for young, female writers but lack creativity to showcase these writer’s real talents. And for a while, […]

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