October Horoscopes

Alrighty ladies and a few gentlemen, let’s do this. It’s officially Spooky Season, and I hope you’re all acting accordingly by stepping on leaves, picking out pumpkins, scaring the living shit out of your friends and relatives, etc. There’s lots of spooky movies on Netflix and pumpkin spiced things to be consumed. Hit up ya […]

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Lies I’ve Told: Part 3

Alright Dudes and Dudettes, the time has come. Brace yourselves for the final installation of Lies I’ve Told. I haven’t covered even half of my many schemes of yesteryear, you know what they say about too much of a good thing. So here it is, the last of the major lies I’ve told, and buckle […]

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September Horoscopes

All right homies, y’all know what time it is. It’s Virgo season. And you know what that means? Okay great because I don’t and sometimes you gotta let your readers fill in the blanks for themselves. I’m pushing you to expect more from yourselves, okay? Just skip to the part that has your own sign, […]

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June Horoscopes

Y’all didn’t think I was just gonna NOT do horoscopes, did you? For those of you who are new to our site, I’m casually hyper connected with the universe and all of its fluctuations, undulations, preconceptions and what have you, and monthly horoscopes are kind of my shit. I’m super good at them and they […]

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Lies I’ve Told: Part Two

Hey Guys and Gals! Welcome to the second installment of Lies I’ve Told, where I recount all the scams and schemes I (almost) got away with over the years. Names and places have been changed to protect the innocent. Before we begin, I have to preface this tale by letting all of you know that […]

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