Ask a Fuckboy: Catching Feelings

As Jane Goodall said, “What makes us human… is an ability to ask questions.” And you, readers, may be confident in your humanity, for questions you have asked. But the ability to answer, I suspect, may be far more primal, primitive, and protozoic, even, than the inverse. So before you venture further, heed this warning: […]

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How to De-Stress Yourself

Feeling a little overwhelmed? Like the weight of a thousand suns is pressing on your fragile little shoulders at every waking moment? And the only release is sleep but you’re only able to scrape by getting four or so hours a night so that you don’t throw off the delicate balance of productivity and engagements […]

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How to Dress for Your Body

Hey guys and pals! It’s me, your friendly life-guru, and today I’m gonna teach you how to dress in a way that flatters your body! If you’ve ever walked into a store or opened up a magazine, you’re fully aware that your soul is trapped in a skin covered case of meat and bones and […]

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Introduction to Tarot

We’re starting a new series here on WithConsideration for those of you who are into the same hippie shit we are. We’re going to start this with some lessons on tarot–how to read it, what it means, about the cards, how much they scare me, and more. Let’s find some motherfuckin’ inner peace and self […]

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October Horoscopes

Alrighty ladies and a few gentlemen, let’s do this. It’s officially Spooky Season, and I hope you’re all acting accordingly by stepping on leaves, picking out pumpkins, scaring the living shit out of your friends and relatives, etc. There’s lots of spooky movies on Netflix and pumpkin spiced things to be consumed. Hit up ya […]

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