FAQ’s that no one asked

Q: So where are the old posts?

We’re currently working on the archive (there was a LOT). We switched hosting services because the old one got on my nerves.

Q: Can I submit an article/meme/playlist/question?

Yeah, if you’re funny. We got a link, look up.

Q: Okay but it was originally for women, right?

Yeah you’re right, bud! Which I think was a great place to start, because there aren’t enough places that host content created by smart, funny women. I think it’s time, though, to broaden our base to include all funny young people, but maintain a space that’s welcoming and supportive of women writers. That’s my promise.

Q: What can I expect from the new site?

We have some fun new series coming up (Lies I’ve Told, Ask a Fuckboy, an original web series, polls, etc.) and we’ll continue hosting submissions from people around. We’ve got staff writers/featured contributors lined up but we’re always open to new people/ideas.

Q: Are you still gonna do horoscopes?

Q: Hey Caitlin, are you still a bitch?

Ha, yeah.

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